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Extra Images for Cruel Irony 

This is a companion website for the book Cruel Iron by Gary W. Clark. The photographs, documents, and other images are not crucial to understanding and enjoying the book; yet they enhance the experience through dramatic visuals that deserved an optimum medium to show their beauty.

Cruel Iron is the dramatic story of a woman born on a Kansas prairie who saw and experienced much of the good and ugly of the first half of the 20th century. Esther really lived and the stories and events in the book are true, documented from genealogical and historic research of Esther and the era.

Esther Johnson

Esther's Own Photographs

Many images in the book and on this website are photographs from Esther's scrapbook or personal collection. She obviously enjoyed the camera, and in the process documented her life and the those around her. After her death, the photos were passed down three generations until they were so graciously given to this author.

From rural Cowley County, Kansas to Topeka, Elkhart, Wichita, and other locations, this site follows her visually thru the good times and the traumas she experienced throughout her life.

Esther left no spouse or children. She did leave a lot of images, stories, and a treasured legacy. Enjoy the visual world of Esther Eleanor Johnson.

Esther was a complex woman, yet with all the fears and hopes of most of us.

I guess I am a old maid proper - 1921, Age 25, in a letter to her mother.

Ollie is a regular monkey in a crowdy, but quite sensible by himself. Don't you Ollie good looking?
c. 1935, written on the back of a photograph describing a friend.

Life is stranger than fiction. Her real life ended with a Cruel Irony that most people could not imagine.

Enjoy this pictoral review of Esther's world.

Gary W. Clark

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Cruel Irony