Cruel Irony
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Section 4: The Bible Society

Stephen Bromley Johnson traveled throughout Upper Canada for fourteen years as an agent for the Bible Society. The area that currently comprises Ontario Province was known as Upper Canada in the mid-1800s, hence the name of the Upper Canada Bible Society. Yearly reports were prepared for the society that contain financial and Bible distribution reports. The agents wrote extensive entries detailing their work for the year. The reports below are excerpts from the originals, focusing on S.B. Johnson. Full reports can be found on the Toronto Public Library.


S.B. Johnson Bible Society Reports

These are fascinating reports, penned by S.B. Johnson himself, describing his travels and work for the Bible Society.

Click the following report links for PDF excerpts from a full report that contain S.B. Johnson's entries.

1855, 15th Upper Canada Bible Society Report
1857, 17th Upper Canada Bible Society Report

1858, 18th Upper Canada Bible Society Report

1861, 21st Upper Canada Bible Society Report


Bible Society Report Cover

Grand Trunk RR

Railroads in Ontario. S.B. Johnson traveled by buggy, cutter (sleigh), horseback, and railroads to visit branch Bible Societies in towns and villages throughout Upper Canada. He traveled up to 4,000 miles per year.




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