Cruel Irony
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Section 2: English Roots

the Johnson family came from the village of Wickhambrook in Suffolck County, U.K., located approximately 52 miles (84km) north of London.


Gesyns or Gaines Manor in Wickhambrook. Stephen Bromley Johnson lived her before his journey to Canada in 1855. As this manor was passed down from previous generations, he probably lived on the grounds or in a portion of the house.


A street in Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England

URC Church

Restored United Reformed Church (URC)

1851 Census

1851 English Census, Wickhambrook. Stephen B. Johnson is listed on top line. Other entries included:

Sarah D. Johnson, Wife, 28
Stephen B. Johnson, Son, 9
Sarah Johnson, Daughter,3
Nathaniel Johnson, Son, 6
Edward T. Johnson, Son, 2
Eleanor M. Johnson, Daughter, 1



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